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Wells Fargo Shareowner Services is the transfer agent for MoneyGram common stock. Inquiries relating to stockholder accounting records and stock transfer inquiries for MoneyGram, Inc. Common Stock should be directed to:

Transfer Agent Contact Information

Wells Fargo Shareowner Services

PO Box 64874

St. Paul, MN 55164-0874

Tel: 1-866-877-6290

The ticker is “MGI”.

The common stock of MoneyGram is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.

Please see our Analyst Coverage

No, MoneyGram does not declare a cash dividend.

No, MoneyGram does not have a DRIP or Direct Stock Purchase Plan.

You can purchase shares of MGI stock through a brokerage firm of your choice.

For registered shareholders, you may change your address and conduct additional services on-line through a secure Internet Account Access service hosted by our transfer agent, Wells Fargo at Or you may contact them directly at 866-877-6290 or by mail at: PO Box 64874, St Paul, MN 55164-0874.

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