Investor Kit

Thank you for your interest in MoneyGram International. In an effort to operate in a cost efficient environment, we have created a virtual investor kit allowing you to easily download and print current information rather than receiving materials by mail. If you would like to be notified of future announcements or events, please visit the Email Alerts page.

Document Date Format Size  
Form 10-Q October 31, 2016   557.0 KB
Form 10-K March 2, 2016   1.0 MB
Proxy Statement (DEFA14A) February 1, 2017   1.2 MB
Proxy Statement (DEFA14A) January 26, 2017   360.6 KB
Proxy Statement (DEFA14A) January 26, 2017   577.1 KB
Proxy Statement April 4, 2016   674.6 KB