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November 28, 2012

MoneyGram Enhances Fraud Prevention Web site

Information, resources and educational challenges help protect consumers against scams

DALLAS (Nov. 28, 2012) –MoneyGram (NYSE: MGI), a leading global money transfer company, today announced enhancements to its fraud prevention website, which provides valuable information and safety tips that every consumer  needs to know to protect themselves against  fraudsters.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, one out of every seven Americans fall victim to consumer fraud each year, and MoneyGram is committed to helping reduce that number by providing resources and tools at

Alongside the site's "Fraud-O-Meter" which tracks in real-time the amount of money that consumers are losing to scams in the U.S., MoneyGram is continuing its efforts to educate consumers about how to avoid becoming a victim of common frauds that scammers use to steal money, such as lottery and sweepstakes scams, grandparent scams, and romance scams.

"The website is a key component of our global campaign designed to raise awareness and help arm consumers with information and education to help protect them against this type of criminal behavior or these criminal acts" said Phyllis Skene-Stimac, chief compliance officer, MoneyGram.  "The number of people affected by fraud is unacceptable, and MoneyGram is determined to ensure consumers are informed, so they are not vulnerable to common scam tactics."

The new site has sections on the 10 most common frauds, tips on how consumers can protect themselves, news and statistics about scams, frequently asked questions, and additional fraud prevention resources.  Consumers also can play an entertaining and educational game called "Dodge the Scam", where users try to keep their dollars safe from common scams.  In addition, there is a list of organizations to which consumers can report fraud if they have been victimized.

Since mid-2010, MoneyGram has invested $84 million in technology designed to prevent fraud and protect consumers.

MoneyGram's anti-fraud campaign cautions consumers to be vigilant against scams, as fraudsters regularly attempt to deceive consumers into sending money via wire transfer or money order.  As part of the company's ongoing efforts to protect consumers from fraud, MoneyGram recommends that before initiating a money transfer, consumers should:

Consumers who suspect fraud associated with money transfers should contact their local law enforcement.  Consumers should call 1-800-MONEYGRAM (800-666-3947) if they believe MoneyGram was used to wire money as a result of a scam.

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