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When was MoneyGram incorporated?

MoneyGram was incorporated in Delaware on December 18, 2003.

Who is MoneyGram's independent auditor?

Deloitte & Touche LLP

Where can I find information about MoneyGram's history?

Highlights from our company's history can be found in the Media Relations section of this website.

Where can I find recent MoneyGram press releases?

Please see Press Releases. Go to email alert registration to sign-up for alerts for new releases and other information.

Where can I find public speeches or presentations by MoneyGram's executives?
Where can I get employment information at MoneyGram?

Details can be found in our Careers section.

Who is MoneyGram's management team?

Please see Management team.

Who sits on MoneyGram's Board of Directors?

Please see Board of Directors.

Financial FAQs

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How can I obtain information on MoneyGram's latest operations results?

Our latest operating results can be accessed through our latest Financial Information. Go to email alert registration to sign-up for alerts for new filings and other announcements.

How can I get SEC documents (such as Form 10-K or 10-Q)?

The SEC filings button under Financial Information offers access to many of our recent SEC documents. Go to email alert registration to sign-up for alerts for new filings and other announcements.

How do I get added to the E-mail distribution list for MoneyGram financial information?

Please subscribe at email alert registration under Shareholder Tools.

General Stock Information

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Who is the transfer agent for MoneyGram common stock?

EQ Shareowner Services is the transfer agent for MoneyGram common stock. Inquiries relating to stockholder accounting records and stock transfer inquiries for MoneyGram, Inc. Common Stock should be directed to:

Transfer Agent Contact Information
EQ Shareowner Services
PO Box 64874
St. Paul, MN 55164-0874
Tel: 1-866-877-6290

What is the ticker symbol for MoneyGram common stock?

The ticker is “MGI”.

What exchanges does MoneyGram common stock trade on?

The common stock of MoneyGram is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.

Who are the analysts following MoneyGram?

Please see our Analyst Coverage.

Does MoneyGram pay a dividend on its common stock?

No, MoneyGram does not declare a cash dividend.

Does MoneyGram have a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP) or Direct Stock Purchase Plan?

No, MoneyGram does not have a DRIP or Direct Stock Purchase Plan.

How can I invest in MoneyGram?

You can purchase shares of MGI stock through a brokerage firm of your choice.

How can I update my address?

For registered shareholders, you may change your address and conduct additional services on-line through a secure Internet Account Access service hosted by our transfer agent, EQ Shareowner Services at Or you may contact them directly at 1-866-877-6290 or by mail at: PO Box 64874, St Paul, MN 55164-0874.

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